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Full Version: N767TA 'Juan Formell y Los Van Van' shots
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Arrival at Habana, Jose Marti Intl. on flight TA189 coming from Denver Co.



... with a full load of passengers attending the International Salsa Festival from April 18th until April 24th
Lovely sunset arrival @IAH, Houston Intercontinental on TA1574 coming from Fort Meyers FL







Wow Stefaan, great shots of the sunset, thanks for sharing! Icon_idea
160723 @KEWR; Newark Liberty Intl (Newark, NJ), RW22R PORTT3 departure on flight TA1752 to Punta Cana International, Dominican Republic.





@MDPC; Punta Cana International, Dominican Republic

Very nice pictures again, Stefaan. Thanks for sharing them.
Nice shots Stefaan, thamks for sharing! Icon_idea
160729 @EHAM, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol



160729 @KEWR, Newark Liberty Intl, departure on flight TA9972



Arrival @MUHA, Jose Marti Intl, Havana Cuba... much better weather upon arrival than we departed with Beach


160731 On the FARAC2 departure towards TADPO ins, Habana in the background

Nice shot, Stefaan!! Thanks for sharing. Icon_idea
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