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Full Version: B739 N434AS shots (LEASED)
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Leaving Denver Intl.




Nice shots Stefaan, thanks for sharing!

Arriving at Montego Bay, Jamaica.







Nice shots Stefaan, Montego Bay looking good.

 Departing Montego Bay, Jamaica; RW25 PETSI2

Very pretty picture Stefaan!
KDEN, Denver Intl. CO

(10-26-2019, 02:40 PM)TCA2050 Wrote: [ -> ]KDEN, Denver Intl. CO

Great screenshots Steffan.  What simulator are you using? 
I am just getting back into this after over 10 years and have uploaded my old FS9 on my home office computer without all the add-ons I once had. 
I'm now learning to fly again after looking to see how the game has changed before doing anything drastic like buying a gaming computer or new software.  I took my old game computer to the local shop and they laughed when I asked about upgrading it to the latest Windows.  Seems Nvida doesn't even remember how to update my drivers.

Will Gasser TDM9182
Hi Will
Great to hear you're considering flying again.
Meantime I'm fully switched to X-plane since about 4 years now.. .started with V10 and now V11.
Really haven't returned to FSX since.