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Groundspeed Records - CBreuer - 01-09-2011

Unfortunately the original Threat disappeared for some unknown reasons. So I will start a new one.

To start off, here is a picture taken during the climbing to FL310 on a rather short flight from Dallas to New Orleans taking fans of the Team LSU back after the Cotton Bowl Game. We are climbing through FL290 at a ground speed of 585 knots and receiving a 79 knots tailwind.

Once at FL310 the wind was 80 knots tailwind, but the ground speed had dropped to 'only' 580 knots. Biggrin

Feel free to add your pictures as well. You don't have to top the above speeds. Just share your speeds with us. Paint2

RE: Groundspeed Records - CBreuer - 05-08-2011

On a flight from Nadi (NFFN) to Isla de Pascua (SCIP), or Easter Island as it is known as well we are traveling at FL370 at M 0.813 with a tailwind of 72 knots in our B767-300ER P4-MES. Ground speed was 544 knots.

Two minutes later and 75 knots tailwind resulting in 546 knots ground speed. A good value for a B767.

RE: Groundspeed Records - TCA2050 - 05-16-2011

Enroute on Cargo Dispatch TL0515-11 with the 767-300ER From Memphis to San Juan near MGM.
Cruising at FL370 with nearly 91 kts tailwind giving a groundspeed of 567 kts.

RE: Groundspeed Records - CBreuer - 05-16-2011

(05-16-2011, 06:28 PM)TCA2050 Wrote: Enroute on Cargo Dispatch TL0515-11 with the 767-300ER From Memphis to San Juan near MGM.
Cruising at FL370 with nearly 91 kts tailwind giving a groundspeed of 567 kts.

Great tailwind resulting in a good ground speed Stefaan.

RE: Groundspeed Records - CBreuer - 11-14-2011

Well, it also works the other way around Rofl

166 knots headwind!

RE: Groundspeed Records - CBreuer - 01-15-2012

Departure from Hong Kong Kai Tak enroute to Wake Island.

Passing FL300 climbing to FL330 at a tailwind of nearly 71 knots. Using a cost index of 280 results in a climb speed of M 0.874. This all put together results in a ground speed of 603 knots. Well, the B744 rocks!Dance3

RE: Groundspeed Records - CBreuer - 01-21-2012

And another speed record enroute from Wake Island to Los Angeles. I am experiencing a very strong tailwind of 122 knots while the B747 was climbing from FL310 to FL330 somewhere over the Pacific. I flew at a constant speed of Mach 0.865. I think 635 knots ground speed is pretty fastBiggrin

If you have tried to cross the Atlantic last week and fly with the jet stream you could have caught a 220 knots tailwind traveling to the East. It would not be very smart to fly the opposite direction - unless you have enough fuel and a lot of time.Rofl

RE: Groundspeed Records - CBreuer - 02-25-2012

With enough tailwind you can also achieve a good result in ground speed even with a relatively slow B767-300. With a tailwind component of nearly 132 knots the B763 reached @ FL390 flying at M 0.810 a ground speed of 600 knots.

RE: Groundspeed Records - CBreuer - 09-28-2013

In service with TCA our brand new B77L 'PJ-TGC' set up a nice record on the flight back from Singapore to Vancouver. I made the flights a few days later than it was originally planned as I wanted to test the PFPX export of the winds aloft into the PMDG B777 FMC. Well, it works really good.
We had some more tail winds than on the original flight making our flying time about 1 hour shorter.
Now you can see why. 629 knots which is about a 140 knots tailwind.
[Image: B77L-629Knotsa.jpg]

RE: Groundspeed Records - CBreuer - 12-15-2013

And now here comes the fastest ground speed so far. Although I had a faster ground speed during the flight from Yerevan to Nagoya the day before with almost 180 knots tailwind, I forgot to take a screen shot Ashamed

But during the flight from Nagoya to San Francisco I still had some pretty strong tailwinds shortly after departure. At our initial cruising altitude of 31000 feet we had a tailwind component of 155 knots resulting in a ground speed of 655 knots. I think I reached something like 670 the day before. But unfortunately no picture..
But here are the 655 knots Biggrin
[Image: B777-200F_RJGG-KSFO-655kna.jpg]