An introduction to _Covert Ops

Well you found your way here so it is reasonable to assume that either you've had your first encounter with Nigel, or you have accidentally stumbled through a secret door in one of the hangars.

If you frequent 'Da Roost' (The Goose Roost), a watering hole used by pilots seeking relaxation and other entertainment, you may already have met Nigel, who pops in from time to time.

Nigel is a "Spook" - One of MI6's best (if not _the_ best) operative they have. Based (very loosely) in and around the Caribbean/Central/South American fields of operations, he has an unnerving ability to turn up when least expected and spirit young Tradewind pilots away with him for "Sight Seeing Tours" of his particular favourite locations, usually Colombia and Panama.

No-one knows what he looks like, as he tends to arrive without warning and leaves the same way (with a newbi pilot), but even the hardest characters in Da Roost go very quiet when he's around (even the Rottweilers - who head for cover in a dark corner). - He is able to obtain all sorts of equipment (usually destructive to life and property) at a moment's notice, but everyone who has taken his tour has found that the choice of equipent has been exactly what was needed at the time.

To sum up - he's multilingual, unremarkable in appearance, softly spoken, but with hands of steel when needed - the complete spook.

Watch out!! He may be recruiting in your vicinity right now! I've heard a whisper that there's 'something' that needs doing?

You have a choice now, leave quietly and hope that no one noticed you enter or come on in and accept whatever challenges await you .......... ? Line flying of any type won't be one of the options but _covert ops time counts, if you choose to declare it.