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Full Version: Virgin Air
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I'm not sure if anyone else caught the news clip this morning about Virgin air Flying an Airbus 340 acrosss the atlantic on 40% coconut fuel. If this trend continues, can Pina Colada power be far behind?

Most of our pilots are Marg-fuelled already, aren't they?

I had heard it was a 744, but then let's not make this an A vs B debate... ;)
It could have been. With the coconut fumes it could have been either one. Cool
Yes, I did hear of that. I'm mojito-fueled.

coviepresb1647 Wrote:Yes, I did hear of that. I'm mojito-fueled.


We could use "caipirinha" down here (mix of typical brazilian alcoholic drink or vodka) with lemon!
Well Friends,I have also heard about it,but do not have more deep knowledge for it..
Please keep sharing more details related to it..