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Full Version: Celestial navigation with DaveOneX - Lesson 1 shooting Sun Lines
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We had a great multiplayer experiment that Dave and I were thinking about for some time.
Celestial navigation, and Lesson 1 gave us the easiest part shooting sunlines... at least during daylight you see where you're going... of course over the Pacific that has a bit of a limitation to it but nevertheless it's daytime and you feel like you have control...

Ready to leave Honolulu




And we left in tandem




Over the Pacific with a front coming up


Along the way as Dave promissed, he taught me the things to know about shooting sunlines and getting to our destination old school.... GPS's are powered off!
According to the sun, about 30nm from our assumed position ... not bad if I say so myself Scool but I have to admit I would have done worse going just by a book and not have Dave around, thanks Dave ! Thumbup


Arriving at the destination, Johnston Island



...again in tandem


Lovely end of a great flight.




More of this is to come, and off course everyone is welcome to join us wherever this epic quest might take us.... This surely opens a new perspective of flying in flight simulator for me !
Hi Stefaan.

Wow, that sounds like a great flight experience. It really sounds interesting to just navigate with the sun and stars. Really 'old school'.
It's indeed a great experience Christian.

In very short ;-) we took the coordinates for our assumed position in this case Johnston island, taking into account our speed and wind correction which gives our time to arrive.
Then you check the star table for our arrival time and check the Sun's Alt & Az.
From that you do a reading and compare to see how far you're off while adjusting to finetune.

This in fact being a simple flight; longer runs and navigating on the stars at night add more excitement ;-)