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Full Version: Formula 1 Season 2018
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Hi fellow pilots.

I want to draw your attention onto the Formula 1 Season for 2018 which is in full swing now and TCA is offering Charter flights to the races for race fans. In the past the flights had not been flown by so many pilots and so it somehow developed into a direction which lead to the impression that these flights are for a limited amount of pilots, or special group of pilots only. That in fact is not the case.
The last few years there were only 3-4 pilots flying these flights on a regular basis and in fact I worked out the flights for them (including myself). But of course these flights are open to everyone who wants to fly these flights. As of now they are planned for the PMDG B777-200LR's, but you can always use an aircraft of your choice if you like to make these flights as well.

If you intend to make these flights on a regular basis as well feel free to contact me.

Normally I plan these flights just a few hours before departure and when the flights are up on the homepage of TCA-Charter I contact the pilots. For the inbound flights to the races, which require a positioning flight first you can follow the rush of airplanes leaving the previous origin and head for the next origin. A few hours thereafter we all will fly to the new destination.

I will try to explain the above for the upcoming race in Monaco:
After the return flights from Baku (UBBB) on Sunday evening we will head to San Juan (TJSJ) the following Saturday (May 5th). The flights will depart around 13:00Z or 14:00Z in 5 minutes intervals and will take approximately 4 hours including taxi out and taxi in. The flights to Nice (LFMN) will depart at around 21:45Z also in 5 minutes intervals and these flights will last around 9 hours, so they will arrive at around 06:45Z on Sunday morning. The return flights then will depart Nice a few hours after the race on Sunday evening and head back to San Juan.  And from there it starts all over again. There might also be a second and this year a third possible scenario where the races are the direct following weekend. Then of course we fly from the previous race to the next race.

The second scenario is also a common scenario like the races in Germany and Hungary. As of now the planning would look like this: KLAX ferry to CYUL, race flight to EDSB, race flight to LHBP, return flight to CYUL.

This year for the first time we have three races in a row on three consecutive weekends: France, Austria and Great Britain. So the possible scenario would be this: KIAH ferry to KLAX, race flight to LFML, race flight to LOWW, race flight to EGKK, return flight to KLAX.

You can find all the relevant information on this site: F1-Charters

If you have any questions just ask them.

That's all for now and I wish you all happy flights.

Sorry folks, but I made a little mistake with the destinations: The next race will be Barcelona, so the flights will go from San Juan to Barcelona and return instead of Nice. I hit the wrong line in my calendar Dash2 
But as description on how things work it doesn't change much.