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Full Version: Portland KPDX
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Hi fellow pilots.

On Monday I had the opportunity to take one of our B777-200LR's from Toronto to Portland. I decided to take the scenic route around Mt. St. Helens and it simply looks amazing.

[attachment=6723] Original seize

[attachment=6724] Original seize

[attachment=6725] Original seize

[attachment=6726] Original seize

And here we are already on final to runway 10R:

[attachment=6727] Original seize

Finally we are taxiing to our parking position on the Reserve Ramp.

[attachment=6728] Original seize

And now we are getting ready to kick off the F1 2019 Season with the first flights from Portland to Melbourne.

Enjoy the weekend ahead.
Great Shots Christian, looking forward to the new season myself.
Wow Christian, Great Shots!!  Big_boss