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Full Version: FSWeekend 2019
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Hello dear TCA pilots
Is somebody going to the FSWeekend 2019 in Lelystad?
Would be nice to meet some TCA friends.
It's a long way from Switzerland, but why not.
That would be from Nov. 2.-3., I think.
Best regards, Freddy
Hi Freddy.
There is a good chance that Stefaan, Rudy and myself are there on Saturday. That is the usual day when we meet there Bye
Hi Freddy,
I've planned to be there on saturday.
Hi Christian and STefaan

Great, so we will meet on saturday Nov. 2.
I'm planning to come by car on friday and would leave again on sunday.
Any suggestion for a hotel in Lelystad.
Are they enough parking places at the airport or is it better to come by bus or is there a shuttle service available?
Looking forward to meet you all Drinks 

Hi Freddy.

I can't help with the hotels, but it might be wise to look for a room right now as some of the exhibitors may also stay in hotels nearby. But on the positive there are normally enough parking places at either the Aviodrome or the Airport. I generally park on the parking lot at the airport. Mostly at the time when I arrive at 10 o'clock there there are plenty of free spaces.

I am looking forward to meet you for the first time and the others for numerous times now Friends
Hi Christian,

Thanks a lot for your help.
I will check as soon as possible for a room.
Nice to hear, that parking places are available in the morning.
Only about 5 weeks to go, then TCA - TOW (as Oso said)

Best regards, Freddy
It was again great to meet up with Christian, Rudy, and for the first time (for me anyway) also Freddy. Drinks
Freddy had an overlay at the hotel in Lelystad... 9hrs driving by car for him... "Chapeau" as we say here Good2

Some of my shots of the event:

Left to right, MeMyselfAndI, Freddy, Christian and Rudy














Beautifull Jezebel and Salome sitting in a dark corner tucked away....



Great Sim Setting...


Vintage Beauty...

Wow Stefaan, great photos, thanks for sharing. I took the shot of you guys for my collection.
It was a great thing, to meet this three TCA captains in real. I enjoyed it very much.

After changing position (see up)

Left to right: Je, Christian, Rudy and Stefaan (with umbrella Dance3 )


Some impressions from the event


Quite windy


Perhaps next year again Thank-you
Great shots Freddy, looking forward to next year's meeting of the Captain's Club :)
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