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Virgin Air - JC Martin - 02-25-2008

I'm not sure if anyone else caught the news clip this morning about Virgin air Flying an Airbus 340 acrosss the atlantic on 40% coconut fuel. If this trend continues, can Pina Colada power be far behind?


RE: Virgin Air - Rob D - 03-07-2008

Most of our pilots are Marg-fuelled already, aren't they?

I had heard it was a 744, but then let's not make this an A vs B debate... ;)

RE: Virgin Air - JC Martin - 03-07-2008

It could have been. With the coconut fumes it could have been either one. Cool

RE: Virgin Air - coviepresb1647 - 03-02-2009

Yes, I did hear of that. I'm mojito-fueled.


RE: Virgin Air - rodrigo - 03-04-2009

coviepresb1647 Wrote:Yes, I did hear of that. I'm mojito-fueled.


We could use "caipirinha" down here (mix of typical brazilian alcoholic drink or vodka) with lemon!

RE: Virgin Air - benjaminshr - 12-16-2009

Well Friends,I have also heard about it,but do not have more deep knowledge for it..
Please keep sharing more details related to it..