Please follow the link below to joinTradewind, it couldn't be simpler. Select the 'Become TCA Member ' option.


If you are a returning pilot or just need to ask a question contact the office



Once accepted you will receive your pilot number and password to access the flight reporting system.

This is NOT an automated system and a human will actually be viewing your application. Because your application is processed by a human please don't expect to receive your pilot ID and password in short order. It sometimes takes a few days if we are vacationing, flying long missions to remote locations or we just forgot to turn on the pc today.

Please make sure your email program is configured to accept future automatic mail and not toss it out as ‘spam’. The mail will come from the address '' or ''.

You can also join our forum, linked on the home page. If you are a new pilot of Tradewind and want to join the forum you should contact us through the forum e-mail address.

These connections will plug you into our family of pilots where you will meet very talented people and soon become lost in our island paradise atmosphere. So dig out your bright colored Hawaiian shirts, your straw hats and shorts and enjoy the ride.

Where, what and when you fly is entirely up to you. We are based in the Caribbean but have operations all over the world so you might need warmer clothing too.

Now prepare to follow our rules explicitly:

Start of rules:


#2 end of rules.

Thank you, TCA Management