Tradewind Caribbean Airlines

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Welcome to TCA-Routes II

See some screenshots, what you can do with TCA-Routes II
Startup screen from TCA-Routes II (TR2).

TR2 uses 2 modes for displaying the coastlines. The Low Resolution mode (LoRes) and the High Resolution mode (HiRes).
This is the LoRes mode, using about 65'000 coordinates for displaying the coastlines.
When viewing less than 20 longitude and 10 latitude, TR2 switches to the HiRes mode, using about 2'500'000 coordinates for displaying the coastlines.
In HiRes mode you can display the international boundaries ...
... and all rivers as well.
Display all TCA destinations ...
... and all other airports, that are not part of the TCA schedule.
The entire TCA network.
View a part of the TDM Night Mail flights. But which is the direction of the flights?
Activate the aircraft symbol and then you see the direction of the flights.
A flight can have several legs. Activate the legnumbers for flights and then you see, where the flight starts, where it ends and how many legs it has.
Display all flights that depart in Havana.
Display all flights that arrive in Havana.
Display all flights that only make a stopover in Havana.
You have flown your monthly assignments and don't know what to do next ...

Open the random flights, select your favorite flightservices and off you go.
Are you looking for specific airports, you can set several delimitations before you display them. This is possible for all airports or only the TCA destinations.
The centre of the world is of course the Caribbean :-)

Change the font, if you prefer another one or change the fontsize, if it is to small or to big for you.
If you don't like the default colors, you can select your favorite colors for the objects and flightservices.
And more ...  
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