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Get an idea, what you can do with TCA-Routes II, if you don't know it.

If this is your first visit to this page, check the setup and installation procedures below.
Please note, that all EXE-files are self-extracting WinRAR archives
File: Date: Version: Description:
TCA-Rout2.exe  (221 KB) 10. Oct. 2009 1.100 MUST HAVE
TCA-Routes II.
Note: With random flights


15. Jul. 2007 1.000  
File: Date: Data revision: Description:
TCAR-DATA.exe  (1'211 KB) 14. Apr. 2018 10. Apr. 2018 MUST HAVE
Tables with schedule and stem data (
Schedule, Flightservices, Airports, etc.).
Note: -


06. Nov. 2014
10. Oct. 2009
15. Jul. 2007
15. Oct. 2014
01. Oct. 2009
01. Jun. 2007
File: Date: Description:
TCAR-MAP-Coast.exe  (12'222 KB) 15. Jul. 2007 MUST HAVE
Data for coastlines (Low and High Resolution mode).
TCAR-MAP-River.exe  (9'966 KB) 15. Jul. 2007 OPTIONAL
Data for rivers (High Resolution mode only). Get it, if you like to see them.
TCAR-MAP-IntBound.exe  (1'867 KB) 15. Jul. 2007 OPTIONAL
Data for international boundaries (High Resolution mode only). Get it, if you like to see them.
Setup procedure
You only need to install this run-time files, if you have difficulties running TCA-Routes II.

Run-Time Redistribution Pack for Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 with Service Pack 6
vbrun60sp6.exe is a self-extracting executable file that installs versions of the Microsoft Visual Basic run-time files required by all applications created with Visual Basic 6.0.
vbrun60sp6.exe  (1'005 KB)
Installation procedure
You can install TCA-Routes II to any folder of your choice, e.g. C:\TCA-Rout2
Directory layout: Files: Description:
C:\TCA-Rout2 tca-route2.exe
TCA-Routes II
User settings (will be generated)
Icon for TCA-Routes II (use for link file)
C:\TCA-Rout2\App_Data *.mdb
Tables with schedule and stem data
Revision numbers
C:\TCA-Rout2\App_Map *.mdb Tables with data for coastlines, rivers and int. boundaries